Human kind was created for a big and important purpose.  The Creator had the Bible written so we can understand that purpose and how to fulfill it.  The whole book is relevant.  We at TruthSum don’t claim to have mastered the truth, but we believe truth does exist – it’s not subjective or relative.  We’re trying to get hold of it, because it matters.  Truth leads to a better life now and in the future.  Everything we think we know needs to be critically examined, because the religions, political and economic systems, and philosophies we’ve been taught are wrong.  That includes popular Christianity, which doesn’t track to what the Bible says.  Our human experience is a huge, exciting creative project and we’re all part of it.

Goals of the site:

  • Recognize God’s power and purpose
  • Keep Christ as the head of the Church
  • Point to the authority of scripture
  • Highlight foundational doctrine
  • Provide accessible resources to newcomers
  • Stir up a spirit of truth and scriptural inquiry

This site is not ecumenical, does not intend to subvert the role of ordained ministry, nor to recruit membership or funds.

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